Testimonials about My Live Events

The 2016 SFBT International Winter Intensive

The SFBT Online Certificate Course


A word from Glenn Vaughn, participant in the October 2015 cohort

“I’m delighted to be asked about my reaction to this course. Firstly, I’d like to talk about your individuals gifts. Adam, you have the gift of encouragement. You said something during one of our phone encounters that was healing. You told me about the common denominator of STBT practitioners having to unlearn what they had been taught and practiced in the past. That helped me because knowing the horsepower of SFBT I kept wondering why I kept going backward into the past. Thank you. Elliott, your gift is enthusiasm. It’s contagious and possibly addictive. We met at a CEU seminar in Spokane and I was hooked about six seconds into your presentation. Through this course I have become more effective, and that has enhanced my enjoyment of my calling and my gifts. I look forward to joining you in future classes and conferences.


A word from Paula Lange, participant in the October 2015 cohort

“This course has changed my practice. I have energy and enthusiasm to do therapy again. I was approaching burn out prior the course and now I am a different person not just professionally but personally as well. SFBT becomes a way of thinking and this course provides you with the immersion needed to learn this new language. Bravo Elliott and Adam on a well done training course! I have enjoyed the journey and cannot believe how much I have learned and how much progress I have seen for my clients as my skills improved. Thank you!!”


A word from Sandra Sharp, participant in the October 2015 cohort

“This course was a worthwhile endeavor and I am so glad I took the plunge! Adam and Elliott, you were both wonderful masters and so down to earth and approachable, you two are a great duo, which made this experience not only educational, but a joy! It is clear that much thought went into designing the structure of the course, it unfolded so nicely. It was also challenging, and laborious but in a good way. I realized the benefit in everything you asked us to do, the transcript analysis and reflection papers, videos, the discussions… it all worked. Brain cells were definitely revived. I was encouraged to think about therapy in a new and refreshing way and I appreciated that, because that’s exactly what I was looking for. The videos were amazing, the reading assignments were perfect to introduce new learners to the approach. I loved the Briefer manual, and Elliott your books were simply wonderful…. I am looking forward to any future opportunities to learn more about SFBT and hope to meet you both one day. I’m actually going to miss this course!”

Other Live Events

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I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say just HOW MUCH I enjoyed your presentation/workshop and how inspired I was by the time I left. When I shook your hand at the end – I really wanted to give you a big hug – but thought that perhaps mildly inappropriate! I’m not a fan of purest approaches – and have had my say about them in the past, but you’ve made me a hypocrite – as I’m going to (try) and be pure! (Will have to first inform my husband of my purity, shouldn’t be tough at all!!! Ha!) in all seriousness – I’m going to give SF a red hot go, without the influence of everything else I’m supposed to know… (I just keep thinking of the fatty at the gym.. Who cares how… Let’s start from now!!)Seriously – thank you!! Thank you thank you thank you! I hope I can get a handle on it soon (patience still an issue clearly) and do for my clients what you do for yours. I really am so inspired!!I hope you enjoyed your time in Australia, especially in the surf!! Did you do it?

Elliott, thank you!

With the warmest regards,

Catriona (Tina) Kendall

I am so excited. It’s 8:45am and I have just finished a session with a client with whom I have been working with for 2 years. Last night I SMSed her and asked her if I could work a bit differently with her today as I wanted to bring in some of the new, positive and exciting things I had learnt on the course I had been attending. She said sure.

Well, I have just had my first solution focused therapy session with her and it was amazing. The room felt so much lighter and exciting, more positive  and hopeful. I took her on a miracle day and I learnt so much more about her and it was an amazing process. At the end of the session I asked her to share what she found helpful about her conversation and she said, “I don’t know but something has happened, something is happening with my thinking. I can’t share it yet. I don’t know why I can’t have a miracle day, why it can’t happen”.

Yippeee!!! My skills and technique really need some work but it was exciting and I felt brave enough to just go with it and to try. I think I  got enough of the essence across for her to feel something.


Warm regards
Jo Hamilton