SFBT Mentoring

One of the best ways to master this approach and become proficient using it with your clients is to have access to others who have devoted a large amount to learning this approach.

Throughout the years many people have often approached me at conferences and events asking if I were able to be their Solution Focused Mentor. Unfortunately, I have always been so busy running my therapy practice that I have not had the time. However, times have changed and I have decided to run a smaller practice so that I can spend more time helping people master this approach.

I am a very pleased to now be able to offer this service so that I can spend more of my time doing the thing I am most passionate about: helping professionals master this approach so they can experience the joy with clients that I have over the past many years.

I will provide one on one coaching for a period of one year starting from the month you sign up. Here is what you get through my mentoring:

  • 2 consultation sessions per month. Each session lasts 30 minutes and will be done in person (if you can get to where I am) or via Zoom (a Skype like service that will allow us to see one another and record the session).
  • Access to a membership site that will allow you to see resources such as session videos, SFBT articles, video interviews and loads of other stuff. I will be uploading something new at least once per month.
  • Each month you can call me anytime to ask any question about SFBT and how you are applying it in your work to help you along the way.

If you are interested and would like to discuss further details (such as cost) so we can get started, please contact me at Elliott@elliottconnie.com or click the contact tab on this website and send me a message.