The Solution Focused lesson in the Marvel Universe [No Spoilers!]

Posted by Elliott Connie - April 27, 2019 - Solution Focused Therapy - No Comments

Years ago, if you had asked me what I’d like my clients to get from seeing me I would have said a solution. These days, my thoughts are very different. These days what is like them to get is much more profound than that and is also the center of Super Hero movies. That’s what this video is about.

Over the past couple of years. My training and my ideas
about the solution focused approach has shifted significantly. When I first
learned about solution focused brief therapy, I wanted to learn about the
therapy aspect, like how do you use the techniques, how do you do the therapy
to impact lives? And then when I watched like the brilliance of some of the
leading solution focus people most notably prescribes and my thinking shifted
and I wanted to learn about the questions like how was Chris formulating
questions that led to people changing. But he recently I’ve been more
interested in this idea of like superhero ness and just like the whole world.
I’m so enamored with like this marvel universe and every time I watch one of
these movies, what blows me away is that all of the characters have superhero
traits and no matter what the storyline is that one of the movies, it’s always
about like rediscovering their strength and reremembering their power and
reigniting their action, moving towards the accomplishment of a goal.

And I think that’s what gets me so jazzed when I watched
these movies because I think solution focused brief therapy is the same way.
It’s like when I talk about when your client comes into our office, really
think of them as a superhero. Like I’m not being hyperbolic. And I’m not even
like not saying pretend. Because every client, every person has skills and
traits and powers and abilities. And instead of thinking that as you go through
life, you encounter problems, I actually now think as you go through life, you
encounter moments where you forget how will amazing and powerful and strong you
are. And maybe the point of therapy or, or maybe just the point of life is
spending time around people who remind you how amazing and important. And, and
I don’t know who you are because once you remember those things, then you can
take action to overpower and overcome almost any problem that encounters your

So instead of thinking about the techniques and the
theory, I want you to think about the impact. I want you to think about the way
you view your clients, the way you think about the change process and the way
you do their capabilities. Because when you view people as superheroes, that’s
exactly what they become. And I can’t think of anything better than someone
entering into my office and leaving thinking they were a superhero several
years ago. If you had asked me what do I want clients to leave my office with,
I would have said a solution. But now if you ask me, what do you want my clients
I want my class to leave my office with, I would say confidence. I would say
belief in themselves and I would say awareness of their superhero list. So, um,
go off and, and as you apply this approach in new work, just remember you are
talking to someone capable of change when you think about it that way your
language will honor and respect their abilities and you can’t help but touch
people’s lives.

So thank you for watching this video. I’m super excited
here. Pretty soon I’m going to go see this movie too. And I hope that you will
watch this movie, but with a little bit of a different Lens this time. And then
realize that was, you talked to your clients, you’re kind of, uh, uh, a
character in their movie and your job is to awaken them. So please share this
video, like this video comment on this video. I would love to hear your
thoughts. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you next video. And never, ever
forget you were always just one question away from re-awakening someones super
hero traits.