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Hopes, Successes & Sparkling Moments – Solution Focused Practice – Inviting Families to Create Change [Keynote]

February 15, 2019

Hopes, Successes & Sparkling Moments – Solution Focused Practice – Inviting Families to Create Change

Essex County Council’s Essex Social Care Academy (ESCA) and the Divisional Based Intervention Team (DBIT) are delighted to invite you to our second national conference on Solution Focused Practice.

This event will focus on Solution Focused practice within families. That means all families and all members of those families. We will be offering a wide range of Solution Focused workshops including working with speech and language difficulties, school inclusion, children on the edge of care, working with couples,
reunification, mental health in schools, adolescents, children and adults with additional needs, older people and more.

There will be something for everyone in addition to our keynote speeches from Chris Iveson of BRIEF and Elliott Connie who we are delighted is flying in from the United States especially for this event. The day is open to professionals from all care settings including health, education and social care, in the public, private and voluntary sectors. As such this event will bring together the leading professionals in Solution Focused Practice to network and learn about the positive impact this approach can have. The day will be concluded with voices from families who have benefitted from this approach.

You will attend a choice of two of the following workshops (places available on a first come first served basis):

Workshop 1 – Sue Lancaster – Establishing Edge of Care Services – through Strategy and Culture

Understanding context
Creating conditions for success
Sustaining and evolving over time
Workshop 2 – Allegra Harrison and

Workshop 2 – Allegra Harrison and Laura Davis – So, how did you two meet? Working with Couples in the context of a Family Intervention

In this workshop the presenters will demonstrate how supporting parents through solution focused couples work:

Can promote supportive and effective co-parenting
Can affect positive change in the entire family system
Is an effective intervention technique that can be used both by practitioners working with adults as well as with children and families

Workshop 3 – Chris Iveson – BRIEF – Age and Aspiration – Solution Focused Conversations with Older People

There is always a future until you die and our task in Social Care is to do everything we can to bring value to the future of people we are commissioned to serve. This is especially important, and especially challenging, when the person we are trying to help is seemingly locked in misery – through personal, economic, social and familial circumstances. Solution Focused conversations, simple though they are, can have an extraordinary influence on the lived experience of older people as well as their families and carers. These conversations can bring back hope, possibility, purpose and laughter even to the last months or weeks of life.

In this workshop you will hear stories, see a video of a ‘life-saving’ conversation and discover how your existing skills can be used to create your own Solution Focused conversations.

Workshop 4 – Luke Goldie McSorley and Felix Frimpong – Useful conversations with Teenagers/Adolescents: The Solution Focused way!

In this workshop the presenters will:

Show how the Solution Focused approach and its principles and assumptions fit so well to meeting/working successfully with adolescents
Make use of case examples to bring to life learning from and successes of Solution Focused conversations with adolescents both individually and as part of whole family interventions
Show how Solution Focused conversations amplify the voice and resources of teenagers leading to their own desired outcomes in a varying array of complex and challenging scenarios, e.g. suicidal ideation and mental health concerns, risks relating to gang involvement and CSE, missing episodes and family breakdown

Workshop 5 – Chris Adams, Emma Ferguson and Suzanne Capon – Using the Solution Focused approach creatively in working with children and adults with additional needs

Demonstrate how working creatively with adults and children with additional needs can complement the solution focused approach in a way that can be useful to families
Use case examples to highlight where this way of working has been useful to families in moving forward with their relationships, building resilience and highlighting their skills and qualities
Explore how the language used plays a big part in the lives of adults and children with additional needs

Workshop 6 – Leon Helsby and Jasmin Fowler – Using the Solution Focused approach to change the narrative for our children and young people in Essex schools!

Show how the solution focused approach can support young people to think differently about their education
Share case examples to highlight how young people have made use of the solution focused approach and ‘hope language’ to tackle difficulties within their education
Explore how the solution focused approach can be tailored to use with younger children

Workshop 7 – Dr Sarah Northcott – Exploring Solution Focused therapy with clients living with a communication disability

This workshop draws on the work we have done within the Stroke Association-funded SOFIA Trial, investigating Solution Focused therapy for people living with post stroke aphasia. We will explore:

‘If it works, do more of it’: so what ‘works’ when someone has a severe communication impairment?
Reflections on some of the challenges and ways of handling these

Workshop 8 – Greg Oberbeck, Oliver Gill and Paul Wiggins – ‘Moving Forward Together’ – Solution Focused Family Work with Children on the Edge of Care

Moving Forward as a Family – Practical tips for the challenges associated with family work including responding to incidents and differences of opinion
Competing Voices – Remaining SF in different organisational contexts and working with partner agencies
Seeing practice in action and developing skills

Workshop 9 – David Hawkes – “Back to the classroom…”

Discussion of a recent 8 week pilot project working with 11 – 15 year olds in a local school to teach the techniques of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) to pupils and get their feedback on the usefulness of SFBT philosophy and questions in promoting wellbeing, working with self-esteem issues and dealing with bullying. Can SFBT be used by pupils to develop healthy schools and environments?

Workshop 10 – Caron Durrance, Zoe Palmer and Sophie Adejei – Solution Focused conversations within Reunification

Brief outline of the Reunification service and how we work
A practice example of how using Solution Focused language made a difference
Have a go! A whole family activity using Solution Focused


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