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Changing Trauma Flashbacks Breaking the trauma pattern by utilising the resilience, strength and coping strategies of the client

October 11, 2016


Dr’s Adam Froerer, Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs and Elliott Connie are currently writing a book on Solution Focused Therapy and clients managing trauma. Adam and Elliott will be in South Africa in October and would like to share their new knowledge and insights. Traditional trauma debriefing emphasizes on what happened during the trauma and the debilitating feelings that occurred. Solution Focused trauma counselling acknowledges the traumatic event and the feelings accompanied with it however, it also looks at the strengths the client showed. Adam, Jacqui and Elliott will each be discussing their expertise surrounding language, violent crime and infidelity. Adam will be sharing his research on how the language of trauma creates a negative pattern and enhances traumatic flashbacks and how changing the client’s language can change the clients experience of trauma, and thus change the flashbacks. Jacqui will share her research on how one can introduce the concept of pride after a client has experienced a violent crime and how expanding the trauma story with positive emotions changes the trauma flashback. Elliott will discuss how the trauma of infidelity can alter a person’s perception of themselves and how asking goal orientated questions and building a new reality can change the trauma experience. Current research has shown that the old trauma debriefing methods are unnecessary and can often be re-traumatizing. Come join Adam, Jacqui and Elliott to explore new Solution Focused ways of dealing with trauma and help client to change the trauma flashbacks.

Aims of the Workshop

  • Look at current research on how language changes reality
  • Discuss ways of altering clients language
  • Expand trauma experience with strengths after a violent crime
  • Introduce the concept of pride before, during and after a violent crime experience
  • Create a future pull after infidelity
  • Help a client build a Solution after their partner cheated on them
  • Discuss the concept of vicarious resilience

Outcomes of the Workshop

On completion of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Use language of change and possibility
  • Expand trauma experience by accessing resources and strengths
  • Create a future pull with a client
  • Introduce positive emption into trauma
  • Re-pattern trauma thoughts
  • Change trauma flashbacks


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